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Introduction to Business Bankruptcy Data

For companies that need to receive public and private bankruptcy filing data in bulk on a regular basis, this service is for you. New Generation Research is the only company that collects business bankruptcy filing data directly from the US Federal Bankruptcy District Courts every day. This information gets loaded into our website if you want to research a particular company or filing. But if you need to run the latest bankruptcy filing list against your vendor file or a prospect or customer file once a month, this service is for you. Instead of your going out to search for the filings, let us bring them directly to you.

Available data fields include:

Debtor name and address
File Number
Voluntary/Involuntary (Y/N)
Assets_Ind (Y/N)
Filing Date
Case Number
Court Filed Bankruptcy with Court City
Filing Type (7,11, or 13)
Judge Name
Attorney Firm and address
Attorney Name and phone
Trustee Name and phone
Trustee Address and phone

If this service interests you please call us at 800-468-3810 or
e-mail us at


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