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The Turnaround Letter
Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself. The Turnaround Letter is one of the best performing investment newsletters ever published. Please review the performance numbers listed below as reported by The Hulbert Financial Digest, the independent and respected service that monitors and tracks over 180 investment newsletters. Our 11.3% annualized return rate over the last 20 years makes us the second best performing newsletter during that period.


Turnaround Letter Performance DJ/Wilshire 5000

2009 YTD (through 08/09)

51% 2.34%

Last 5 years
(through 08/09)

1.10% 1.27%

Last 10 years
(through 08/09)

7.80% .19%

Last 15 years
(through 08/09)

8.79% 6.3%

Last 20 years
(through 08/09)

11.30% 7.80%


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