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Introduction to Bankruptcy Professional

Bankruptcy Professional is the industry’s leading bi-weekly newsletter that focuses exclusively on bankruptcy professionals and the role they play in the corporate bankruptcy arena. This industry staple is the resource that bankruptcy professionals use to find out who is being hired by whom and for how much. In Bankruptcy Professional you will find:
bulletA "Spotlight" interview with a leading bankruptcy industry practitioner
bulletThe latest bankruptcy professional retentions
bulletRetention analysis – Who is being hired by whom in what industries
bulletMotion to Employ – An inside look at a recent high profile retention
bulletFee Analysis – What fees are bankruptcy professionals charging
bulletBankruptcy Professional Newsmakers – What professionals are making the headlines in the corporate bankruptcy industry
bulletSave-the-Date – Upcoming bankruptcy-related conference and events

Bankruptcy Professional is circulated every other Thursday as a PDF attachment to an e-mail. You subscription to Bankruptcy Professional also entitles you to a subscription to

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